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Can You Paint Over Lead Paint

Can You Paint Over Lead Paint

In short, the answer is yes, you can paint over lead paint. But, it is important that you do not try to remove the old paint in order to protect your household. This is because there is a high risk of exposing yourself to dangerous levels of lead if you do. Hiring a professional to help you when dealing with lead paint is always a good idea.

The Danger of Lead Paint

Lead paint can be found in old homes and houses. These houses were mostly built before 1978. Lead is a toxic metal that can be found in items like paint that are used for the construction of buildings. Exposure to lead is dangerous for humans, especially children.

The lead that is found in paint can cause serious health issues such as brain damage, developmental delays, learning disabilities, hearing loss, seizures, and more. Even if a child doesn't show any outward symptoms of lead poisoning, it still does not mean that they are not being poisoned by the lead.

The most common way people are exposed to lead is through inhalation or ingestion. When lead touches the skin, it begins to seep through the pores and enter the body. Lead that enters the body will store itself in specific organs such as kidneys, liver, and bones. This is why removing the paint is not recommended.

Painting Over Lead Paint

Encapsulation is a term that’s used to describe the process of covering lead-based paint with a protective coating.

The coating over the lead paint is usually made of water-soluble materials, such as acrylic polymers, epoxy resins, or polyurethane polymers. These types of coatings are typically applied as a two-coat system and are designed to protect the surface from deteriorating and releasing hazardous dust that could cause harm to children and adults.

Paint encapsulation is a standard practice in lead abatement because it’s an easy way to remove lead from homes without major construction projects.


So yes, you can paint over lead paint, and you definitely should. If you want to make sure that the surface is covered properly as well as make sure that the end product looks good, call My Painter. We are your neighborhood painting experts and we can help give you peace of mind while improving the appearance of your home at the same time.

By My Painter 8-23-2021