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Creating the Right Hospital Atmosphere with Color

Creating the Right Hospital Atmosphere with Color

Anxiety and worry fill many scenes in hospitals when family and friends wait nervously to hear news from a doctor. On the other hand, joy and happiness fill many hospital rooms as loved ones eagerly welcome a new baby into the world. Hospital rooms clearly fill many different roles and therefore need to give off different atmospheres.

At my Denver Painter, we are experts in commercial painting of all sorts, including hospitals. We know the importance of alleviating the nerves of those who walk your halls and we know that the color of your walls can influence that. That is why we want to present you with a few color considerations when it comes to designing the rooms in your hospital.

Patient Rooms

Whether or not color actually assists patients on their journey to recovery or not is up for debate. One thing that is for certain, however, is that positive moods can definitely help ones heal. Light and calming hues can help keep patient’s spirits up. Soft blues and delicate yellows are shown to reduce anxiousness. Whereas sharp contrasts in color or strong colors like red, can prove too stimulating or even agitating for some. Stick to relaxing shades of blue, yellow, and green in addition to neutrals in order to create a healing atmosphere.

Areas where anxiety levels may run high or where family and friends may spend a lot of time, like waiting and emergency rooms, also benefit from remaining in the aforementioned color scheme.

Operating Rooms

Surgeons and other assisting medical personnel spend hours at a time in operating rooms. Hours of time staring at a very specific color: red. Because of this, when working out a color scheme for operating rooms, it is best to keep any red to a minimum. In tv and movie portrayals, we largely see a very sterile white as the background color in the room. However, after staring at blood for prolonged periods of time, doctors and nurses may see blue-green spots when alternating between white walls and the operating table. Therefore, bright and stimulating and refreshing blues and greens can be excellent choices for operating rooms.

Employee Rooms

Working 12 hour or longer shifts is pretty typical in the medical field. And those shifts can require standing for the majority of that time, in addition to the shifts being inherently stressful. If your employees need a space to rest up quickly and get back on their feet, consider bright lighting and lively color choices, like oranges and sunnier yellows. If they need more respite than just a brief lunch break, you can create a restful area with softer lighting and deeper, warmer color choices.

Hospitals play a vital role in our communities. On top of providing life-saving care, you can help the people who visit feel well by selecting the right colors for your facility. If you need someone to be apart of your hospital renovation or build, call My Painter. We can take care of all your painting needs!

By My Painter 2-13-2020