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Drywall Repair

There are many different types of challenges when it comes to painting your home. It's easy to slap paint on a wall but making it look seamless with the perfect cut and not to mention on a wall without any nicks and dents on them. That’s where a professional painter comes into play. We are able to give you those perfectly painted walls. Our process starts with first going through the home to see if there are any nicks and dents that need to be fixed.

This would also include walls that have water damage to them, causing stains to appear. No matter how big or small the damage may be on your wall we can fix or replace the drywall to make sure that you have the perfect room. We understand that it requires attention to detail when doing drywall repairs. Often you have subcontractors come in and do the work without any care to how it looks or feels. Dry wall repairs when not done with care and detail can show lines of where the repairs were made because of not taking the time to sand the patch down even to the wall. My Painter takes the time to make it look perfect.

The other tricky part when it comes to anything drywall is whether your wall is textured or not. Making the new patch look like it has the same texture as the original is a difficult task. We are your professionals when it comes to making a seamless transition from the new texture to the old texture. Our customers have always been pleased with the work that we do not just with painting but also with our detailed work of drywall repairs. After we make a drywall repair, we then take the time to prime each area to ensure that the final coat of paint is perfect.

So, whether you have nicks, dents, holes, water damage, or hairline fractures in your drywall, we can make your wall look like nothing ever happened. Call us today for your free home estimate! We can do any repair, big or small!