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2019 Interior Color Trends to Paint Your Home

2019 Interior Color Trends to Paint Your Home

We all love the smell and color of flowers, and the fresh air and breeze in our hair. Spring is the time that brings all this together, allowing us to enjoy the bliss of it all. This time of year also creates the perfect conditions to paint the interior of your home. Being able to open your windows for the fresh air to swoop in and clear out any residual VOC’s while it’s the prefect temperature out. Spring is also that time of year where you want to switch out all your winter decorations and trade them in for your spring and summer colors. What many homeowners have trouble with is trying to figure out what color they should paint the interior of their home. That’s what My Painter wants to help you out with. We have painted a lot of homes and stay up to date with the up and coming trends. Here are some of the trends for 2019!

Let’s start out with saying that some of the most popular trends are that of what keeps the home neutral in color. This allows homeowners to switch out their accent color that pops in the room very easily. The most common colors that homeowners are choosing are pewter, mushroom, lilac gray and hazelnut. These colors allow for rooms to be caught by the light and invite everyone inside. They also make for the best choice when you don’t want the colors of your furniture to clash with the color on your walls. Many homeowners want a color that is easy on the eyes and allows for an easy flow through the home. These neutral colors are also great for when you’re wanting to express your personality in a softer tone.

There are other color trends that are bolder than the neutrals. Its important that your home speak the personality of your family. So, if you like a bolder flavor to your home then here are the color to consider dark greens, soft clay, charcoal blue, gray blue, mustard, and mist. Painting a room with these types of colors makes a statement, whether softer or bolder it allows for personality to speak through the walls of your home. When you think about having a color that defines a room there is more thought that must go into the setup of a room. The color of the furniture, the accent colors, and the like all must be considered with detail. Additionally, switching the room up is much more difficult in terms of different accent colors.

There are a lot of factors that you need to think about when you paint the interior of your home. The most important thing of all though is that you, the homeowner, likes it because you’re the one who must look at it every day. Thinking about painting the interior of your home can be overwhelming and daunting. My Painter takes the stress out of painting. We come in on time, take the time to cover to protect your furniture and flooring with coverings, prep the paint area and get the job done in a timely manner. We have 100% customer satisfaction every time. Calls us today for a free quote or fill out our online request form!

By My Painter 4-24-2019