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Small Paint Jobs that Make a Big Impact

Small Paint Jobs that Make a Big Impact

You do not have to repaint your entire home to make an impactful change. Sometimes highlighting little accents around your home with a little paint can make a huge difference in how the space feels. That is why today, My Painter wants to inspire you with a few simple painting projects you can tackle that are sure to spruce up your space.

Brighten Up a Door

Most people are interested in increasing their curb appeal. Many do so by painting their front door. But do not neglect the inside of that door! Whether you decide to go with a bright pop of color or with a subtle complimentary color, painting the interior of your front door will surely create an inviting entryway.

Freshen Up Metal Hardware

Hinges, handles, and pulls often go unnoticed in our homes, but giving them a makeover can make more of an impact than you might think. Whether they were painted a little bit on accident during other projects or are just dingy in general, why not give them a good cleaning and spray paint them? Spray paints offer a wide variety of metallic finishes that are sure to revitalize your home hardware.

Give Trim a Makeover

If you think that there is not much you can do with trim creatively, think again! Even just a fresh coat of the same colored paint can make a room feel fresh, but why not try a fun color? Change things up with a dark and romantic deep purple or green or opt for a cheery light blue or yellow. Trim is an area where a bit of paint can lend a dramatic hand.

Step Up Your Stairs

Contrasting a crisp white riser against beautiful wooden treads can make a room feel larger, but neutrals are not the only colors that can complement your stairs. A bright color or two in between your stairs can offer a fun and unexpected pop of color that can really put a pep in your step.

Obviously, you do not have to undergo a large project to breathe a little life into your home. But if you think the exterior or interior of your home could use a little love, be sure to give My Painter a ring! We are respectful and professional painters that will make sure your home always looks its best.

By My Painter 6-4-2020