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How to Fix Holes in Apartment Walls

How to Fix Holes in Apartment Walls

No one wants to lose their deposit when leaving a rental property - especially over something as simple as holes in the drywall. You do not need to be a general contractor to fix this problem yourself; this step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to do minor drywall repairs yourself.

Gather Materials

This project does not call for too many supplies, and you may even have some of them at home.

  • Spackling paste (8oz should be sufficient)
  • 150 grit (or finer) sandpaper
  • Matching paint

You will also need something to apply the spackle with - a butter knife will work well for small repairs, or you can purchase a putty knife at the hardware store. Likewise, have a small paintbrush on hand for applying the paint. For repairs larger than 1/2inch in diameter: also purchase self-adhesive fiberglass mesh to support the spackle.

Spreading the Spackle

To apply the spackling paste, use the tip of your preferred tool (butter or putty knife) and slowly push a small amount of spackle into the hole. Next, use the flat side of your tool to smooth out the paste so it is even with the wall. Let the paste dry (2-3 hours) before moving onto the next step.

Sanding the Spackle

Using your sandpaper, gently slide back and forth over the dried spackle to remove excess product and smooth out your patch. When complete, the patched drywall should be flush with the wall and untextured. When you are satisfied with the repair, apply your matching paint color to the newly patched drywall only and voilà - look forward to spending your deposit! Please note: It is recommended to put something down to protect the floor before this step as both sanding and painting can be messy business. You can purchase painter's plastic at the hardware store or just use a kitchen trash bag cut open if the area is small enough.

Hopefully, you have found this guide to be helpful, but if you should find yourself still needing professionals on the scene, My Painter is happy to offer their services in the Denver metro and surrounding areas. Experienced and efficient, the crew over at My Painter specializes not only in drywall repair but also in interior and exterior painting for both residential and commercial customers. Call or go online to schedule a free estimate!

By My Painter 2-18-2021