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Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

Selling a home in the Denver market should be relatively easy considering there has consistently been a shortage of homes to purchase, recently. However, the market continues to cool a bit and according to the Denver Metro Association of Realtors a residential listing stays on the market 26 percent longer than a month ago. The market is still hot in the area though. This is not surprising with all the Colorado has to offer: gorgeous scenery, great opportunities for the sports minded, and a good job market. Yet, selling a home is not going to be easy so at My Painter we're interested in what we can do to help you sell, and we know that clean, neat exterior paint goes a long way towards making the home appeal to the buyer which in turn speeds the sales process. Our skilled and experience crew specializes in every facet of the professional painting process. Here are some suggestions to make your home sell faster.

Repaint or Not?

The idea is to make your home as appealing to the potential buyer as possible. Even if you have painted the exterior of your home in the last two years, nature's elements--rain, snow, hail, dirt, and sun--effect the crisp look of a coat of paint. Even if the finish looks okay to you, it’s your buyer we want to impress, so repainting your home and restoring that freshness can make it look its best. Whites and light-colored houses are the first to show the wear and weather grime. So, to sell fast and get a good price, seriously consider freshening your exterior paint.

Where Do You Start?

For the best look, start with a professional. Exterior painting is tough in any weather and can be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing and don't have the proper equipment. A professional will suggest that you first have your home's exterior power washed before starting. Paint needs a clean surface to adhere to and a dirty under layer will not leave your color vibrant and can affect the wear of the paint job. A pro can be a great help in deciding what color or colors and type of paint that will show off your home. Proper training is important to making your paint job appear at its best. An attempt at painting your own home can end in it looking uneven, caked on, or disastrous.

The Fresher the Better

When you decide when you would like to sell, plan to have your house painted as close to that date as possible. People like shiny new things. Let My Painter make your home “shiny and new” with an impressive professional paint job. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service with every encounter so please call us or fill out an online request form so we may have an opportunity to provide our type of service for you.

By My Painter 7-3-2019