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Hail Damage and The Exterior Paint of Your Home

Hail Damage and The Exterior Paint of Your Home

At My Painter, we understand how importantit is to keep theexterior of your home or business looking great. After all, it is the first thing visitors see and an important part of the value of the building. Exterior paint is also important in that it protects your home from the elements.

Spring and early summer always bring hailstorms that cause a tremendous amount of damage to your property. Included in this is the paint for your home. While you might think that it is a cosmetic issue, it isn’t. It does more than just add color to your home, it protects your home from inclement weather. This keeps your home healthy and protected from damage that we all know water has the reputation of causing. What happens to your paint when hail hits and how pertinent is it to get it repainted? My Painter is an expert in all things painting, especially exterior painting, and we want to help you make the best decision possible.

When your home is painted it means that underneath you have wood. When hail hits, the paint can then start to peel. This means that the barrier that protects your home’s wood from rot, warp, and mold has now been broken. As you let it continue unprotected throughout the season it will slowly start to create the damage that you want to desperately avoid. The cost to fix this damage will be much more than just having your home repainted from the outset. To avoid having to do extensive repairs to your home, the easiest way to go about it is to call your insurance provider and make a claim. More times than not it will be covered.

When to paint can be tricky to figure out due to weather. You don’t want to paint when it’s too cold or when it’s too hot out and then once you’ve got the perfect temperatures you then have to make sure that it isn’t going to rain for a couple of days in order to let it properly dry. Don’t stress about it too much though because truthfully the contractor you’ve hired will know the best time to paint your home. My Painter is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to when it will be optimal to paint your home. We track the weather and never compromise on what will provide you with the most optimal paint integrity.

My Painter wants to help you have the most integral paint possible. We do a thorough inspection when it comes to the exterior damage caused by the hail. Afterward, we give you a quote and discuss the timeline of the projects. We give you an accurate starting date and finishing date for the project. Our standards surpass industry standards to a superlative degree and we guarantee 100% satisfaction for each project so you can expect superior service and top-level materials. Call us today for a free home estimate or fill out the online request form!

By My Painter 3-12-2021