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Mural Painting Quick Guide

Mural Painting Quick Guide

Murals are an incredible way to add a unique touch to your home. Whether you are making a child’s room more whimsical, or you are simply inspired by TikTok to be creative, here is what you need to know to get started on your mural.

Gather Materials

Set yourself up for success and gather all your materials before you get started. You will want painter’s tape, your paints, a tarp, and quality brushes and rollers. You really do not want to skimp on your painting tools since cheaper ones will not deliver clean lines and are likely to leave behind streaks, bristles, and fibers.

Prep the Surfaces

Make sure you have a clean canvas! Wipe away dirt and dust with a damp cloth and allow sufficient time to dry. If the base color is inconsistent or you do not like it, now is a great time to add a new base coat.

Map Out Your Mural

If you feel confident, you can sketch your design onto the wall freehand. But many find it useful to use a grid system. To do a grid layout, draw your design out and lay 1-inch squares across the top. Then transfer that image onto your wall, only significantly larger. This will give you a better guide on where to paint as you go.

Once you have your design mapped out, line the edges with painter’s tape. To get crisp lines, run a thin bead of caulking on the outside edge of the tape.

If you have large blocks of color, using quality acrylic paint may prove expensive. For large blocks of color, utilize regular household paint instead and do detail work with acrylic paint.

Once you get started, take frequent breaks. Step back regularly and make sure the mural is looking the way you want it to. Your mural won’t look good in all the stages, so don’t give up and trust the process. But taking a step back to see that your lines look good, and the proportions are correct will save you frustration later.

And that is really all you need to get started on your mural! Get creative and have fun.

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By My Painter 2-11-2022