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How Trim Compliments a Room

How Trim Compliments a Room

Odds are you do not often give too much thought to the trim in your home. But your trim can add a lot of depth and character to a room. If you are wondering exactly how, My Painter wants to highlight just a few ways you can use trim to suit your style.

Crisp Whites

White is a truly classic and timeless choice for all applications. It never goes out of style and compliments any wall color you choose. And if you decide to change up the color on your walls, well, it will still match. In fact, many interior designers esteem white shades as the color of choice for trim. Because white has a somewhat reflective quality, it does well to brighten up rooms by bouncing light. White trim will bring balance to a richly colored room, or it can lend an airy feel to cool blues.

Deep Shades

For those who want to give off a chic or grand feel in a room, you may want to consider going with a deeper color shade for your trim. Especially if you have crown moulding or architecturally interesting trim work, rich hues can offer the spotlight those pieces deserve. In addition, daring blacks, eggplants, and emeralds do well to draw the eye upwards. Giving off the illusion that a room is much larger than it is.

Similar Shades

Particularly in homes with open floor plans, choosing trim shades that are the same or slightly different shades of the wall colors will help to create one unified look that flows throughout your home. If you are worried about your home looking or feeling cramped, using a similar trim color to that of your walls will make sure that a room never feels like it ends abruptly. Instead, this color trick will make it feel like it never ends.

As you can see, choosing the right trim color for your tastes and preferences can make a big impact! So, next time you are switching things up, do not forget to bring your trim color into the mix. And if you are looking for a professional who can deliver those clean, perfect trim lines you desire, My Painter is the one for the job!

By My Painter 10-15-2020