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The Best Paint for Front Doors

The Best Paint for Front Doors

Painting your front door comes with many benefits. It can hide minor imperfections, give protection from the elements, and can offer a charming first impression to visitors. For the paint and benefits to be enduring, though, you cannot slap just any old paint on. The right paint for an exterior door will have the right blend of materials and color. If you are not sure what to choose, My Painter can help you. Here are some tips for choosing the best paint for your front door.

Choose a Paint that Labeled for Exterior Use

Your front door must withstand major temperature fluctuations and elements from intense sun to hail and snow. Interior paints are not formulated with these conditions in mind. Paints advertised with the term “exterior” have more resins, pigments, and additives to help them resist chipping, fading, and peeling. Interior paints are only designed to withstand light wear and tear.

Paint-Primer Combo vs Separate Paint and Primer

Depending on the condition of your door, you can either choose a paint that has a primer mixed in or apply a primer separately before painting. For instance, if you are painting your door for the first time, re-painting the same color, or painting from a lighter shade to a darker shade, using a paint and primer combo should be fine. If, however, you are painting over a stained wood door, going from a darker shade to a lighter shade, or your old paint is peeling or cracking, you will need a separate primer for the paint to adhere properly.

Take Your Door Material into Account

Exterior paints come in oil and water-based varieties. Each one with its own advantages when applied to different materials. In general, for non-bleeding wood types, like pine and white fur, and fiberglass, a water-based exterior paint should be used. And for wood types that bleed, like cedar and cypress, as well as metal doors, an oil-based exterior paint is best.

Other Factors to Consider

A couple other things to note when choosing the best paint for your project include fade resistance and finish. Particularly if you do not have an awning or porch that offers shade, look for paints that are “fade resistant” or “UV resistant”. These paints are created with colorfast pigments and larger amounts of binders so that even when exposed to intense sunlight for extended periods of time, your paint color will remain crisp and vibrant. And when choosing the finish, opt for a nice semi-gloss. Semi-gloss is stain and wear resistant as well as reflective. It will mask minor imperfections well and can be wiped without damage for easy cleaning.

My Painter is a team of trusted professionals that have the knowledge and experience to paint your home the right way. For a streak-free, clean, and professional paint job, do not hesitate to give us a call.

By My Painter 5-7-2020