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Change the Texture of Your Walls

Change the Texture of Your Walls

When cracks in your textured walls appear, texturizing it again or just smoothing the wall’s surface can hide imperfections. Give your walls a fresh new look. Try these basic techniques for removing texture from your walls.

1. Prep the wall's surface.

Use a sponge to clean the wall. Seal wide cracks with tape and use compound on the smaller cracks. Next, sand the rough texture with a belt sander or large scraper. Your local building supply store may have a dampening liquid to help remove stubborn textures.

2. Repair damages.

Repair holes and any other damages. Use a damp sponge to remove the dust. Afterward, apply high-quality primer paint to the wall using a paint roller.

3. Select a texture and determine how you want to apply it.

Simple tools such as a paintbrush, whisk broom, wallpaper brush, or flat mason trowel can be used to make swirls. Another option is to rent a professional sprayer that has a hopper for a mixed drywall compound. Otherwise, you can rent an air compressor for spraying texture with a spray gun.

4. Test the technique on an extra piece of drywall.

Always test on extra drywall pieces before you use the technique on your walls. When you are satisfied, it's time to add texture to your walls.

5. The sprayer technique.

Adjust the nozzle on the sprayer and lower the air pressure. Spray the texture on thinly. To soundproof the wall, put fine sand or acoustic material in the compound. The consistency of materials should spray effortlessly, yet not drip down the wall or ceiling.

6. Using a flat mason's trowel to create textures.​

Another way to add texture is by using a flat mason trowel. With the flat edge of the trowel, spread the compound. Use the notched edge and make swirls. Make smooth bottoms with slight upturns, if desired.

7. How to use a paint stipple roller or simple brush options to add textures.

Dip the heavy stipple roller in the thinned compound and roll it on to create a bumpy surface. Optionally, use a paintbrush, wallpaper brush, or whisk broom and drag the broom or brush bristles down the wall.

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